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Company Profile

BuyKey-tech: Devoted to the research and development, as well as production of power supply technology, providing efficient, safe, and reliable power solutions to customers worldwide.


Leading in technology

BuyKey-tech boasts a highly qualified research and development team dedicated to the innovation and breakthrough of mobile power technology. We keep up with market trends and constantly launch competitive new products. Our mobile power products adopt advanced fast charging technology, supporting multiple charging protocols, thus offering faster and more efficient charging. At the same time, we attach great importance to product safety, ensuring that every mobile power product can provide consumers with a safe and stable charging experience through strict quality control.

Excellent Quality

Quality is the lifeblood of BuyKey-tech. We adopt high-quality raw materials and advanced production processes to ensure that every mobile power product has excellent quality. We strictly follow international standards and industry regulations, passing multiple quality certifications, to provide trustworthy products to global consumers.


Comprehensive Service

BuyKey-tech  always adheres to the customer-centered principle, providing comprehensive services to global consumers. We have established a complete sales network and service system, providing consumers with convenient purchasing channels and professional after-sales support. We are committed to solving the problems encountered by consumers during use so that consumers can truly experience attentive and thorough service.

Why Choose BuyKey-tech

Our main products and benefits

To solve customers’ outdoor electricity consumption and quality life services, we integrate the industry’s superior resources and develop and produce various mobile power supplies, outdoor power supplies, wireless charging equipment, and other products.



We have more than 100 employees,  4 factories, dozens of processing and production equipment, as well as lithium-ion phosphate battery packs, laser welding, and other equipment.

Quality Control

Enterprises controlled by the whole industry chain, assembly, and system testing realize product design specialization, product molded, production standardization, and Simplified product installation


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