What is the minimum order for products?

Each product has a minimum order quantity and this will vary from product to product. The minimum quantity on each product can be advised by our sales team upon inquiry. Please be aware that the more you order the more you will save.

Yes, you can fill in the form on the right of our product catalog to contact us. The form records the product details and price in detail, and we also hope that you can have further contact and cooperation with us.

This is judged according to the quantity and model of your order. Generally speaking, we customize the goods according to the order of the order, and the goods will be sent to you as soon as the goods are completed.

You can mark your logo and type the parameters you need on the product, of course, including the company logo and your company name.

Due to the nature of lithium-ion batteries,
we recommend checking the operation once every three months.

In addition, even if the product is stored without being used, it will still discharge naturally, but this will not be reflected in the display.

Please check the normal battery level and charge if necessary.

In addition, each Enernova portable power supply has a different “storage temperature”.
Please refer to the product page or instruction manual for confirmation.

   More compact and lightweight;
   Zero emissions, eco-friendly;
   Cost-efficient, less maintenance;
   More flexible recharging;
   Support multiple charging.

Our company name is Huizhou Xianzhiyang Technology Co., Ltd., and we created BuyKey-tech, which means “With BuyKey by your side, discover the key to unlocking your life’s full potential and pursuing your dreams.”

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